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At your arrival, a health questionnaire will be handed to you to fill out. More specific questions will be asked to better understand your problems. Clinical examination will be performed, with respect to your pain threshold and comfort zone. X-rays may be necessary to define your condition. Children should be accompanied by their parents or guardian.

With the results in hand, the doctor of chiropractic will make a diagnosis and explain to you what are the steps to do (treatments, referral towards another health care professional, advanced diagnostic imaging such as MRI, SCAN, etc). All that in a clear and concise manner.

The treatment process will be explained, as well as the side effects, follow-ups, expected outcomes, stretches, exercises, ergonomics and postural changes, etc. Since everybody is different, it is hard to estimate the exact number of visits required to achieve your optimal health so there is NO annual contract or long term treatment plans. 

The treatments are customized. You need to allow 60 to 90 min for your first appointment. Follow-ups are usually 30 to 40 minutes. It is recommended that you should wear comfortable clothing for consultation. Medical patient gowns are available. Please bring your medications, previous diagnostic imaging (x-rays, MRI, SCAN, etc) related to your current condition.

So sit back, and trust the C3VN team to take care of your health and well-being!

In summary:

  • Questionnaire to fill out
  • Clinical examination/ Consultation
  • X-rays/Radiography on site
  • Detailed explanation of the condition and diagnosis
  • Personalized treatment​
  • First visit: 60 min to 90 min
  • Download the forms and fill them before your visit to save time!
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