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Here are some of the conditions that chiropractic can help to relieve pain and symptoms:


Dizziness - Whiplash

TMJ dysfunction


Shoulder pain:

 bursitis, tendinitis

Rotator cuff injury

Sternal pain

Intercostal pain/Rib pain

Epicondylitis/ Tennis elbow

Golfer's elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Wrist pain and tendinitis


Knee pain: sprain, strain

Jumper's knee, Runner's knee

Femoro-patellar tracking syndrome

Ankle pain: sprain, strain

Foot and toe pain

Torticollis, Neck stiffness

Text neck syndrome

Cervical postural syndrome


Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)


Scoliosis/ Postural syndrome

Shoulder blade pain

Thoracic pain


Lumbalgo/ lumbar strain


Facet syndrome


Vertebral subluxations

Disc herniation

Sciatialgia/ Sciatica


Sports injuries

Work injuries

Plantar fasciitis

Heel spur

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